21 Ekim 2008 Salı

Everybody To The Lions!

BEHEMOTH this is!!!

Yes, I know you can read. Sometimes it's better be told twice than none.

Behemoth - one of the most powerful and famous among the 'heavy' Polish stronghold. However, the word 'heavy' may not be sufficient in quality for defining Behemoth's musical orientation.

Behemoth are brutal in sound, brutal in their way of expressing anything there is to be said.

"Christians to the lions", "Antichristian Phenomenon", "Hell is for children", "Christ grinding avenue" are some of Behemoth's song titles that are enough to scare those who are obsessed with chasing butterflies around their village cottages on a lovely sunny day.

Behemoth is not for children! What Behemoth offer is a global fixed state of mind that, most likely, have been created in a local hell of their own.

Behemoth is disobedience. Behemoth is the shining star of rebellion.

Demonic, devilish, Antichrist and else they may seem. But, what is left for a rebellion spirit to embrace in order to break away from his Catholic past? What is the most suitable mask to be worn for halting the 'degenerate piety'? To those who are following my reasoning it's clear that the keyword is 'rebellion'.

As it is stated in the poem 'Hymn to Lucifer' by Aleister Crowley, the motto of Behemoth is "The key to joy is disobedience"...!

Behemoth is here to put some salt in our eyes and pour some wine in our lives through their refined crudeness. Their twisted vision of existence and the magnificent pseudo-borderlines between existence and death might put you in a creepy mood of self-awareness. But, once you enter the brutal and dark dome of Behemoth you feel immortal.

Such a controlled immortality that you are hungry for spiritual glory and ready for a battle as if you are still a mortal with readiness to die.

But, everyone! Relax!

No one's going to be thrown to the lions! As in one of the Behemoth videos it says, "It's just a song"! It's definitely beyond from just being a song or lyrics of Behemoth's.

Although Behemoth placed themselves deep in the mainstream, it's clearly seen they have preserved the initial spirit.

Behemoth is the candle light through the dark path of life.

Enjoy the recently added video clips of Inner Sanctum and At The Left Hand Of God from the album Apostasy! favit'te oku

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